Three Steps to Improving Your Core – a.k.a. Your Website


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Don’t worry, I’m not promoting Pilates® here. (Although it sure was a stroke of genius when they re-branded our flabby middles as the “core.”) No, I’m talking about making sure the foundation of your business’ digital footprint is in tip-top shape – your website. Owning and running a website goes far beyond simply reflecting your business to the world. When used correctly, it will raise the stature of your business, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

A Website’s “Core” Functions

Your website needs to be a respectable brand face and is potentially the first touch point for customers. It does all of the below:

  • Makes you tangible to visitors and accessible in our mobile world
  • Provides the latest information on your products and services
  • Gives back data – if you’re prepared
  • Is the first step in any other digital marketing steps you take

Here are Three Steps to help you view your website as your visitors do, and understand what might make it work harder for you.


Step One – Take an Honest Look

  • Audit what is there
  • Fill in what should be there, if it’s not there now
  • Ask if it well written and informed by valuable keywords
  • Review to assess if it easy to use and understand


Step Two – Build It, Maintain It

It’s essential that your website be built to include:

  • Mobile ready with Responsive design
  • Analytics
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Someone to pay attention to it
  • Someone to cultivate and update content on an ongoing basis


Step Three – The Power Strip for Digital Marketing

Think of your website as the power strip that your other marketing efforts plug in to. Connect people back to your core website by publishing parts of your story to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other digital marketing efforts Give them reasons to click back to your URL. Google search will love you for it.

Ready to jump in and assess your website? Here are three helpful links. They all have how-to and clear explanations for non-technical folks:

Get Caught Up

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