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The More Things Change

The world of technology moves at a breathtaking pace. It’s certainly a challenge to stay on top. But it’s also exciting to witness the incredible power of consumers – expressed through their online voice and social media networks. One thing that remains consistent is that people want to easily find products and services to make their lives better.

Customers (and clients) are searching for information in different ways. The design and marketing industries have seen revolutionary changes in platforms. The best marketers are willing to ask three questions often:

  • Is our strategy current?
  • Is our content timely?
  • Is it time to adjust our tactics to keep things fresh?


Balance. Blueprint. Decision-making.

Today’s marketing demands a balanced communication mix of traditional and new media programs. It is not enough to be top of mind with your customers. You must also be at the top of their search engine results.

To succeed in today’s environment, you need a plan – a strategy to drive action and budgets. This is more than a “To Do” list. It is a blueprint of creative direction, tactics and measurable results. One that melds all relevant media forms to reach your targeted audience – no matter when, where, or what device they might use.

Successful marketers coordinate digital, print, broadcast and other communication options. They do the legwork to evaluate options, or hire talent to help them decide which tools are and aren’t necessary.


Understand Your Customers

Although the “How” of marketing will always change, the “What” really does not. You know what you produce. You understand your customers’ needs. You see how your product helped them solve a problem, and can do the same for others. This is marketing. Same as it was 10, 20, 50 years ago.

The tools and methods may change, but it’s pretty remarkable how much things stay the same.


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