The “Rule of Lego”

5 Steps to Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Rule of Lego Millennium FalconIn my household, we follow “The Rule of Lego®.” It all started with a Millennial Falcon Lego set. Of course, my boys wanted to instantly get to the big, impressive Star Wars spaceship pictured on the box. But I had to remind them that the only way to turn a giant pile of Legos into something awesome is to “Start at number one.” Put the first two pieces together, then a few more, and repeat. If you make a mistake, fix it and keep going. The point being that complex problems are solved by taking them bit by bit while keeping your eye on the goal.

Start at Number One

The same is true of creating a Digital Marketing program. It can be mind-boggling to consider all the available online and social media parts and pieces – and they’re not even numbered! Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing they have in common is not knowing where to start with Digital Marketing. Having helped a number of businesses navigate this territory, here are some guidelines:

5 Steps For Getting Started in Digital Marketing.

1. Evaluate Your Website – Before even considering all the online places you think you need a voice, take a clear-eyed look at your own website. Answer these questions:

  • Are you proud of the way it represents your business and products?
  • Have you updated the sitemap, design and images in the last 2-3 years?
  • Is it easy to showcase new products, company news, videos?

2. Understand Your Web Visitors – Sign up for Google Analytics to get weekly or monthly reports on your current site. This will give you valuable baseline data that you will be able to track over time.

3. Become Familiar with Social Media – If you haven’t already done so, do some research into how businesses use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If these are totally new to you, put your toes in the water and sign up for LinkedIn and Facebook. You don’t have to post much, just browse these sites for a few months and see what customers and businesses are saying to each other. You should also know at least a little about sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Tumblr. Here’s are some interesting stats about use of Social Media:

Rule of Lego B2B-Graphic

4. Update Your Website – If your site is outdated, or contains a number of static HTML pages, consider moving the content over to a user-friendly platform. We recommend Word Press. It works for simple websites and startups, and once it’s up and running, [read more] it is very easy for businesses to do their own updating. Word Press also has enough features to support a complex site, an e-commerce store, and hundreds or even thousands of pages. If you need outside expertise, there are excellent web design services in our area, including our team at Direct Design, Inc.

5. Review Your Marketing Budget – The easiest way to implement digital marketing tactics is to have resources allocated for them. You don’t need to abandon your traditional marketing methods, but shifting some marketing [read more] dollars now will help you avoid sticker shock later. Check out my earlier blog Top 5 Ways To Avoid Sticker Shock, including an estimating tool for website design and redesign.

The nice thing about digital marketing is you can start small, and add programs as you see results. So don’t be afraid to jump in, but don’t forget to “Start at Number One.”


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