Some Reasons to Love White Space

Clients sometimes ask us to fill up every square inch of an ad, web page or video. Their logic being that since they are paying for the space, why not get as much information in there as you can? The issue of white space isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about successfully reaching your target audience, whether it’s retail consumers or B2B customers. Here are 5 reasons to appreciate the power of white space:

  1. Competition for Attention – Your message is one of thousands your potential customers will see today. To help grab their attention, don’t bring them more clutter, bring them clarity. White space can help simplify and amplify your message.
  2. Relevancy – Consider who you are talking to, and what they need. Talk about what value, quality and benefits your products or services offer. If your audience can quickly grasp that you might have the solution to their problems, you are more likely to get their focused attention.
  3. Delivery – Technology gives you the power to target specific audiences. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone all at once, be strategic about where and when you place your message. Remember that the power of search gives people the power to tune you in or out with one click. The best message emphasizes solutions, engages your customers and results in qualified inquiries and eventual sales. READ: Google+ Pages: The power of search is the game-changer
  4. Consistency – Is your brand or organization consistent and easy to understand across email, advertising, website, print and phone contact? Are you using consistent messaging and design elements across all platforms? This is important because once they leave your ad, website or video, your customers expect a positive and consistent experience in all contact points. Amazon, Apple and Zappos are masters in this regard.
  5. Results – User-friendly design, easy navigation and keyword-driven content will help raise your search rankings, click-through rates, and qualified prospects. A poorly designed ad or website will have the opposite effect. The beauty of digital communication is that you can measure its impact. Google Analytics can tell you how many unique visitors your website receives, what pages are viewed, how long visitors spend on each page, and what sites your visitors clicked from.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace white space. Now that you appreciate its power, you can be a better judge of its use. Used well, white space is part of a strong and effective message – it can help your brand stand out in the crowded marketplace.


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