Some Reasons to Love White Space

Clients sometimes ask us to fill up every square inch of an ad, web page or video. Their logic being that since they are paying for the space, why not get as much information in there as you can? The … Continued

Who is Your (digital) hero?

5 questions to ask a prospective digital agency Every hero needs a guide. Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi. The X-Men have Professor Xavier. When it comes to digital marketing, who do you have? We know most Marketing leaders wear multiple … Continued

The More Things Change

The world of technology moves at a breathtaking pace. It’s certainly a challenge to stay on top. But it’s also exciting to witness the incredible power of consumers – expressed through their online voice and social media networks. One thing … Continued

New Website – DD Website 7.0 is here!

Direct Design Announces the Release of their New Website Burlington, VT – Direct Design, a twenty six year old full-service design, media, web production and digital marketing company, announced the release of their new website displaying a wide range of … Continued

The Reach – Four Options for Sharing Content

Companies that buy TV ads spend big bucks to ensure their message has frequency and reach. Frequency multiplies the number of viewings to help consumers recall the ad. “Reach” hits the maximum number of consumers by selecting certain geographic markets, … Continued