How Does Good Design Make A Difference?

make a difference art
Art Credit: David Carlson –

The challenge facing the design community in particular is how to expand what we do to have a greater impact in the area of social change and make a difference. The traditional approach to social responsibility, in graphic design at least, has revolved around two things: the materials we choose, i.e., specifying recycled paper, and the clients we choose, i.e., working with a nonprofit or messaging a corporation’s socially responsible agenda.

We designers have the ability to contribute so much more. As the definition of designer expands we should add social entrepreneur to the list. Those designers in the forefront are using their design-thinking skills to develop and execute their own solutions to social problems-pushing the boundaries of what design can do. By taking the lead in implementing our own projects, we can and should set precedents and create sustainable markets for socially responsible design.

Excerpted from Communication Arts: Design Ignites Change

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