Mastering Digital Marketing

Four Noble Truths for Mastering Digital Marketing

Truth #1 You Are Now A Publisher

Didn’t you hear? And you thought you made widgets. Not the case any more. B2B customers and consumers get their product and service information from the web. They do it on their own time using the power of search. That means you need to pay attention to what folks are looking for and where they are finding it.


Truth #2 No Such Thing As One And Done

Some are still in the mindset that all you need to have is a website, but this is a myth you should immediately toss this into the dustbin of bad ideas. The web is alive and growing with volumes of information by the second. The only way for you to stay on top of the heap is to refresh communication about what you do and who you do it for. The days of the “brochure style” website are long gone.


Truth #3 This Is What The Web Was Meant To Be

During the 90’s the first rush to the web made everybody buy a domain name and create a presence. But the people who really made a difference and stuck around saw the future and it is now. That data and traffic analysis were really the advantage granted by the technology. You have easy access to traffic and page views stats. These are your keys to knowing the impact your presence has on your target customer, and how to amp it up.


Truth #4 Digital Is A Two-Lane Street

You need to get a plan in place that will keep you out there. Google wants to see activity on your website, but not just any activity – meaningful activity. You need to speak with authority to your audience. They expect you to solve problems and share information with them, not just shill your products at them. Then you need to listen to what they have to say. Embrace the two way street – which is the promise and beauty of Web 2.0.


Get In The Loop!

You are now off and running, on your way to mastering digital marketing. Once you start creating content (video, text, images) it’s time to publish to your website or blog. Use the reach of social media and share your message, then analyze the results. Your new round of creation will be informed by what you find. Around and around you go!



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