Conducting Digital Promotion

Conducting Digital Promotion

7 Questions and a Checklist

You have heard of the classic Four P’s of Marketing:

  • Product: You have a great solution that fills a need in the market place.
  • Place: You have ideas of where to promote it.
  • Price: Yours is competitive and offers high value to the customer.
  • Promotion: You need to get the word out.

Promotion today is quite different from what it was years ago. Now you need to know digital promotion. A marketing manager used to place some ads in industry trade publications, order up a tradeshow booth, create a sales kit and schedule sales calls. While face-to-face is still important, today’s marketers have to meet their clients in the digital and social media world.

Studies show that most prospective customers will search online before they email or call to inquire. If your site places well in search rankings, a prospect might click on your link to check you out. And 9 times out of 10, these same people are active on social media. This goes for your B2B customers as well as B2C consumers.

Also learn about S.A.V.E., an updated model to the 4 P’s 

7 Common Questions About Digital Promotion:

  1. Why can’t I get by with just a website?
    Years ago, a good website was enough. Today’s digital world is crowded, and in order to compete for online visitors, you need multiple ways for customers to find you. Plus, social media is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website.
  2. Is my website updated often?
    It’s critical to refresh and update your website content, including photos and video. Visitors aren’t likely to click through a website with a refresh date more than 6-12 months old. Most importantly, it limits your inbound marketing results.
  3. Are my graphics and website as professional as possible?
    Hint: If your logo was done by your art student niece, chances are it might look good on your business card. But will it translate well online, printed on company apparel and the host of other places you use it? If not, you risk giving the impression that you are small potatoes. Or possibly not financially viable.
  4. How can I access my website analytics?
    Google Analytics are free, the reports are user-friendly, and they help you see the results your online efforts over time.
  5. Do I understand my “buyer’s journey,” what path they travel from their initial need to making a purchase? 
Check out this video of Hubspot’s Stephen Higgins, masters of digital marketing.
  6. Does my LinkedIn profile support my business and products?If you’re new to social media, we recommend starting with LinkedIn posts. As a business-only site, you are talking to decision-makers and professionals. A few posts every month can sharply improve your online presence.
  7. How can I justify spending time on social media?
    Without social media, it’s hard to improve your search engine rankings. Google evaluates and ranks your site’s information (aka content). Their algorithms include Social Media posts. So, when you’re on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, more customers will find you.


Digital marketing checklist graphicDownload Our Free Checklist

To help you take stock of your current online programs, we created a handy downloadable check sheet. It will help you see what else you should consider adding to your digital marketing efforts. Just click the image and fill out the form.

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