Creating a Cult Brand and Watching It Succeed

Comfort Colors


Fifteen years ago, Company President Barry Chouinard came to us for help establishing his Comfort Colors t-shirt brand as a Vermont-based company, with service and quality as a priority. The goal was to position Comfort Colors as the “un-fashion” brand that clearly understands their consumers – people who demand quality and comfort over a mass-produced product.


We developed a fresh, natural color palette for the logo and brand. We infused the semi-annual catalog with real, local people and models with real-life stories. We created the “Saturday Style” concept – clothes you wear when you are just being you.


Annual sales grew from $10 million to $100 million. The Comfort Colors brand was a big hit with Sororities and Fraternities on major Universities throughout the US. Like most cult brands, without any promotion the brand developed a Twitter personality with its own hash tag #comfortcolors. They also cracked the decorating industry for tourism souvenirs.


Comfort Colors Catalog Art

Comfort Colors Twitter