Start Spreading the News

Park Burlington


The Burlington Business Association asked Direct Design to get the word out regarding the payment method for the City of Burlington’s Parking garages. In a rolled-out schedule, city garages were not going to be served by Pay-on-Foot stations centrally located around the entrances of each garage. The public needed to get word that the parking attendant would no longer be present to handle their credit card or cash transaction, the Pay-on-Foot station would be handling the money.


Direct Design came up with a distinct campaign to use on digital social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The “Take Your Ticket…” campaign featured short animated sequences and bold typography, as well as a color overlay treatment to contrast with the white typography. We kicked off the campaign with a broad awareness level posts to announce that changes were coming, and we used three messages; “Take Your Ticket to Work,” “Take Your Ticket to Dinner,” and “Take Your Ticket Shopping,”  to reach the main users of the public parking facilities. The announcements also changed per week to highlight which garage would be changing its payment method at the time. 


Using both paid and organic posting methods, the whole campaign took about a month and a half to run and generated thousands of views on different media channels.  On the whole, the conversations that were started helped get the public engaged in the process.