Women in Wire Case Study

How to Boost SEO with Press Releases: a Case Study

Here’s a quick case study on how we helped an industrial manufacturing company, with not very “sexy” products, uncover newsworthy content right in their own office.


Some of our manufacturing and B2B clients tell us their products are not sexy, that no one except engineers would care about them. At the same time, they know they need new website content in order to raise search rankings. Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes and ears to uncover newsworthy company stories. Sharing these gems via press releases, social media and blog posts can do wonders to build awareness and visibility of even “boring” products. A few months ago, we stumbled on a remarkable employee factoid that helped a Massachusetts client, Comtran Cable Corporation, do just that.



As their digital marketing agency, we often talked with Comtran about their culture of innovation and new products. In 2016 we were introduced to some new hires. It’s a relatively small manufacturing company, yet we noticed a number of women in leadership positions, including engineering and sales. The world of industrial wire and cable is largely male-dominated. So we pitched “Women in Wire” as a unique story for the business press.

Turns out, 42% of their non-manufacturing staff were women – way above the industry average. We interviewed several of their “Dream Team” of women in Sales, Engineering, Purchasing and Marketing. We wrote the press release, and Comtran sent it off to their trade publication editorial list in July.



“Women in Wire” was picked up almost immediately by multiple trade publications. Cabling Installer was first to publish, with their online edition carrying the story almost in its entirety within days of receiving it. Comtran got several phone calls and emails from colleagues and even competitors who saw the article. The piece sparked a boost in unique website visitors during the generally slow midsummer months. It also helped generate a cover story about Comtran in US Business Executive in October.

Overall, it was a win-win-win effort: gave well-deserved recognition to key employees; provided a unique company news story to appreciative editors; and improved the company’s leadership position in what should no longer be considered a “boring” industry. For the full Comtran “Women in Wire” story, click here.


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