WordPress By The Numbers

Numbers don’t lie when choosing which platform to use for your new website WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, deploy and upgrade. … Continued

Conducting Digital Promotion

7 Questions and a Checklist You have heard of the classic Four P’s of Marketing: Product: You have a great solution that fills a need in the market place. Place: You have ideas of where to promote it. Price: Yours … Continued

The Art and Craft of Story Telling

What can be said about your company? What kind of story do you want your customers to know about you? Why would they be interested in hearing it? These are the things you need to consider when marketing. Take a … Continued

Irish Spring, Barbasol and RedHot

Just sit with the thought of these items in your mind for a moment. You can consider them separately, or together if you’re into that kind of thing. Each one of these items is an icon in its own right, … Continued

Some Reasons to Love White Space

Clients sometimes ask us to fill up every square inch of an ad, web page or video. Their logic being that since they are paying for the space, why not get as much information in there as you can? The … Continued

Who is Your (digital) hero?

5 questions to ask a prospective digital agency Every hero needs a guide. Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi. The X-Men have Professor Xavier. When it comes to digital marketing, who do you have? We know most Marketing leaders wear multiple … Continued

The More Things Change

The world of technology moves at a breathtaking pace. It’s certainly a challenge to stay on top. But it’s also exciting to witness the incredible power of consumers – expressed through their online voice and social media networks. One thing … Continued

New Website – DD Website 7.0 is here!

Direct Design Announces the Release of their New Website Burlington, VT – Direct Design, a twenty six year old full-service design, media, web production and digital marketing company, announced the release of their new website displaying a wide range of … Continued

Creating a Cult Brand and Watching It Succeed

Challenge  Fifteen years ago, Company President Barry Chouinard came to us for help establishing his Comfort Colors t-shirt brand as a Vermont-based company, with service and quality as a priority. The goal was to position Comfort Colors as the “un-fashion” … Continued

Honoring Valued Employees and Company Leaders

Challenge Direct Design has been commissioned multiple times by the University of Vermont and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. to design and produce one-of-a-kind custom awards and commemoratives to honor outstanding employees, retiring board members and company leaders. The challenge is how … Continued

Restaging a Brand for a New Future of Success

Challenge When New England Federal Credit Union acquired the struggling Detroit-based HealthOne Credit Union in December 2014, they were committed to investing in the brand and bringing it up to NEFCU standards. NEFCU called on Direct Design to create a … Continued

Expanding Social Media Presence Among Neighbors

Challenge With 32,000 members, the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) is the second largest utility in the state, and the largest electric cooperative. Although its members increasingly rely on social media for news and updates, the Coop did not have the … Continued

Start Spreading the News

Challenge The Burlington Business Association asked Direct Design to get the word out regarding the payment method for the City of Burlington’s Parking garages. In a rolled-out schedule, city garages were not going to be served by Pay-on-Foot stations centrally … Continued

The Reach – Four Options for Sharing Content

Companies that buy TV ads spend big bucks to ensure their message has frequency and reach. Frequency multiplies the number of viewings to help consumers recall the ad. “Reach” hits the maximum number of consumers by selecting certain geographic markets, … Continued

Announcing A New Website for Comtran Cable

Direct Design Announces the Live Release of A New Website and Digital Marketing Platform for Comtran Cable Direct Design, in conjunction with Comtran Cable LLC (Comtran), part of the Marmon Wire & Cable family and a Berkshire Hathaway Company, announces … Continued

The “Rule of Lego”

5 Steps to Getting Started with Digital Marketing In my household, we follow “The Rule of Lego®.” It all started with a Millennial Falcon Lego set. Of course, my boys wanted to instantly get to the big, impressive Star Wars … Continued

How Does Good Design Make A Difference?

The challenge facing the design community in particular is how to expand what we do to have a greater impact in the area of social change and make a difference. The traditional approach to social responsibility, in graphic design at least, has … Continued