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Chris Reck Who We AreChristopher Reck


Chris manages project direction, graphic concepts, implementation of marketing plans and coordination of production to create powerful programs. Under his direction, Direct Design has accomplishments in digital marketing and websites, classic media such as printed marketing materials, advertising, and branding and other electronic media.

Chris believes in expressing yourself clearly, getting to the point (the “Direct” in our name) and looking good doing it.

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Donna Carroll Who We AreDonna Carroll

Vice President

Donna has served as the managing partner at Direct Design for over thirty years. During that time she has drawn on her extensive background in advertising, marketing, communications and finance to handle virtually every aspect of our rapidly changing business.

Along with her managerial and support duties, Donna is focused on the companies growth initiative in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets. She initially developed her business focus and direction in this region through managerial, supervisory and support positions with various Fortune 500 companies.

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Doug Carroll Who We AreDoug Carroll

Director, Business Development

Doug came to Direct Design in 2014 after 30+ years of leadership, sales and marketing positions with large national healthcare information technology companies. He also has executive-level retail marketing experience where he was responsible for national marketing campaigns for widely recognized sporting good, tool, art supply and confection companies whose campaigns were focused on sales growth and market penetration.

While much of his work was on a national level, a significant portion was directed to the Northeastern states where he is now focused on growing the firms.

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Jack Tremblay Who We AreJack Tremblay

Art Director

Jack has 25+ years of design experience working in the development of brand awareness through web development, print collateral, and media campaigns for clients such as The University of Vermont, The Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont, Comfort Colors, Compaq Computer Corp., Blue Cross-Blue Shield of New Hampshire, Anheuser Busch and National Sea Foods.

Arbiter of Change
Create a new relationship paradigm (sorry Chris) with benevolent but influential intentions – or BREAK, MAKE, STAKE and SHAKE if you like.

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