Web Design with Authority

A quality website is the most powerful tool you can have to market your brand.

Direct Design Web DesignWe create websites that help you gain authority. This doesn’t just happen with your target audience, but with Google’s search engine as well. Our approach to web design unites visual form and informative content to deliver your information to viewers. The visual form creates interest and understanding while verbal content creates trust and authority. It is this careful combination of form and content that earns trust for your brand. Favoring one over the other is a sure way to lose credibility and effectiveness.

Take Control with a WordPress CMS

It is essential to create a website that continues to evolve over time and is flexible enough to grow and be modified. We create all of our websites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is a flexible, license-free, open-sourced platform with a robust support community. It has evolved to become the standard for website development.

Many businesses view their website as something that you launch and then wait for web traffic to come to it. A static website that remains the same over time signals to Google that you are not worthy of higher ranking on their search engines. Thinking of your website as a living thing – needing attention and cultivation – is the best way to ensure that Google pays attention. Having a website built on the WordPress platform makes it possible to have an online tool capable of evolving and staying current.

Be Versatile With Responsive Web Design

Websites are viewed on a range of devices. The latest trends certainly point to mobile devices capturing the majority of web searches. It is important for your website to be flexible with responsive design that performs equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Other Web Design Services

  • eCommerce – sell your products online and easily track sales and inventory with our eCommerce solutions.
  • Hosting – We can provide you with web hosting that easily handles your traffic, security and commerce needs.
  • Maintenance – Our maintenance packages keep you up to date on all your WordPress and plug-in module updates.
  • Analytics – All of our websites are built with Google Analytics. We can also provide incremental reporting so that you can see how your website is performing and strategically plan your next move.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Organizing content on your website’s pages properly is essential to helping you gain authority in the Google rankings. Poorly structured SEO will not rank you among Google’s search results in other words. Your website will be shown lower on a search page – or not even reach the first page at all.

Keep your Website At the Top of its Game With Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation – An essential part of keeping your website up to date is with new content. We can help you identify your audience, create content that is meaningful to them, in formats that they can use. We can also help you to create and maintain a calendar that keeps you publishing regularly.
  • Social Media – Social media is a system that can feed traffic to your website. Be sure to have profiles and an active content strategy in place to help keep you first in mind to prospects.
  • Pay-Per-Click – The best way to get exposure is to understand how your published online content attracts interest. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) uses ads and keywords about your products and services to appeal to interested searchers and lead them to your website.
  • Retargeting – This is a reminder to anyone who has visited your website of your capabilities as they continue searching on other websites. A retargeting program creates ads that follow the viewer.

Web Design That Works

Direct Design has been creating websites that work for over 15 years. Our methods combine best practices with an eye on the future to stay on top of marketing trends.

Learn more about how we can help you with web design solutions that will reach your audience. Call us for a free consultation today.